Juggernaut Training: A Thoughtful Pursuit of Strength


Juggernaut Training focuses on teaching you how to practically apply scientific programming principles to your and your athletes training. Also, improve your mindset towards training and competition, as well as learning how to create sustainable and long term training plans to develop the best athletes and lifters possible. This book is a reflection of Chad's training, competing, coaching and learning over the last 5 years.

Juggernaut Training also includes technical instruction for the squat, bench and deadlift PLUS 7 different programs.

The programming ideas included in Juggernaut Training have produced the following results:

-Chad Wesley Smith 970 pound squat in wraps and 2325 pound total, 9th highest of all-time.

-Marisa Inda 854 pound total in sleeves at 112 pound bodyweight. USAPL Record Bench, Deadlift and Total. 52kg Class USAPL National Champion

-Mark Bell 578 pound bench press. A 22# PR in 4 months of training after a 20 year long competitive career.

-Jake Johns 2198 pound Total in Sleeves including a 589 pound Bench Press.

-Kevin Torres 1662 pound Total in Wraps at 165 pound bodyweight.

-Tee Popoola 2053 pound Total in Sleeves at 242 pound bodyweight, including a 535 pound bench press.