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Struggling with your programming or technique? Chad Wesley Smith is here to help. Book a 1 hour Zoom call to go over all your questions and take your training to the next level.

Utilize Chad’s extensive experience in coaching for Powerlifting, Strongman and Sports Performance to help you clarify these issues. Chad can review your program or technique and answer any relevant questions about your or your athlete’s training.

Upon booking, Chad will get back to you with available times for your online consultation

Additional Coach Details

As a coach, he has helped cultivate the talents of some of the world’s strongest lifters including:

  • Marisa Inda (4x USAPL Champion, IPF World Champion, World and American Record Holder)
  • Andy Huang (Top 5 All-Time Total at 125kg/275#)
  • Brandon Allen (1102.5kg/2430# Total in Wraps, 1017.5kg/2242# Total in Sleeves at SHW)
  • Kristen Dunsmore (USAPL National Champion at 72kg)
  • Evan Mensing (1000kg/2204# Total in Wraps at 275)
  • Tee Popoola (952.5kg/2099# Total in Sleeves at 110kg/242#)
  • Kevin Torres (Top 5 Total in Wrap and Sleeves at 75kg/165#)
  • Steve Gentili (987.5kg/2177# Total in Wraps at 125kg/275#)

as well as sending over 50 athletes onto Division 1 Athletic Scholarships.

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