The Powerlifting Program Design Manual


Do you want to understand how to design more effective powerlifting programs? The Powerlifting Program Design Manual by Chad Wesley Smith has been created to help you better understand how to:

-Assess an athlete's qualifications and needs

-Determine Minimum Effective and Maximum Recoverable Volume

-Find an athlete's Optimal Frequency

-Distribute volume over the course of the training week

-Create a Phase Potentiation strategy to maximize meet performance and long term results

-Select exercises that are optimal for a specific phase and to address an athlete's unique weak points.

-Periodize training to manage fatigue and maximize overloading opportunities.

Chad Wesley Smith is regarded as one of, if not the best raw powerlifting coach in the World. Having helped hundreds of athletes add hundreds of pounds to their totals. Male or Female, Juniors to Masters, Lightweights to Superheavies, across all major federations and in the biggest meets in the World, his results are unparalleled. No other coach in the World has coached lifters at all the current biggest meets in the World, including Big Dogs, IPF Worlds, US Open, Pro Raw, USAPL Nationals, The Arnold Grand Prix/Pro American and Record Breakers. Learn the principles that guide Chad's program design and how to practically apply them for yourself to your and your athletes training.

Checking in at over 200 information packed pages, The Powerlifting Program Design Manual, will equip you with the knowledge you need to not only create an effective program but to keep adjusting and developing programs for all types of lifters for a lifetime of training. Also included with The Powerlifting Program Design Manual is video of Chad's 90 minute presentation, Individualizing Powerlifting Training, from the 2018 Juggernaut Performance Summit in Long Island, NY.