Renaissance Woman


Renaissance Periodization’s team of PhDs, nutrition specialists, and world-class athletes has created an incredibly detailed nutrition and performance guide specifically geared for the female athlete, Renaissance Woman: Fat Loss, Muscle Growth and Performance Through Scientific Eating.

This book will give you a comprehensive step-by-step road map for creating your own fat loss, muscle gain, or maintenance diet, while maximizing your strength and sport performance.  Not only will you gain the capacity to construct your own diet, you will develop a broad understanding of the underlying nutrition principles.  In addition, you will find an in depth discussion of female specific physiological and psychological aspects of diet design and execution; from nutrition needs at different ages to needs during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Also included is information on how to deal and recover from diet fatigue, a problem many female athletes and body composition-conscious women have faced at some point. Finally, there is a detailed break down of how much water weight can safely be cut at different time points out from weigh in for sport competition without diminishing performance.

Renaissance Woman is based on sound scientific principles, current scientific research and the accumulated coaching, training, and competition experience of its authors. It is by far the most up to date and comprehensive female nutrition guide available today.