Bench Manual


The Juggernaut Bench Manual takes a comprehensive look at developing a strong and efficient bench press. This manual focuses on all aspects of bench training from equipment, to mobility, technique and program design derived from author Chad Wesley Smith's experience coaching 1000s of athletes around the world, including some of the strongest lifters of all-time. The Juggernaut Bench Manual includes:

-How to choose the right equipment from footwear to wrist wraps, belt and cuffs.

-Mobility and Stability Drills for the shoulders and t-spine.

-Technique tutorials for all aspects of the bench press

-Exercises to address a variety of weakpoints

-Athlete assessment strategy

-How to assign volume based on individual MRV

-How to choose the right relative intensity

-Determining the appropriate frequency based on individual needs

-Programming for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Athletes.