Fitness As Sport


The concurrent development of strength, endurance and a variety of technical skills is paramount to success in sports like CrossFit and Grid.

The ability to correctly assess an athlete's needs and give them the proper proportions of capacities in their training program will separate effective coaches from the ineffective.

Fitness As Sport by Jacob Tsypkin sets out to answer the questions of what are the most important qualities to success in multi-disciplinary fitness sport and how to best go about assessing an athlete's needs and concurrently developing their abilities.

Tsypkin has taken an analytical and statistical look into the history of the CrossFit Games and assessed which events are the greatest predictors of success and thus, which skills will have the greatest impact on your and your athletes success. In a sport of the 'unknown and unknowable' being able to understand what is really most important is critical.

Balancing the many training demands of the competitive exerciser can be overwhelming and complicated and many athletes fall into a trap of choosing specialty programs for separate disciplines (weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance) written by coaches who aren't communicating with each other, but a truly effective program will require cohesiveness between the many training modalities. Fitness As Sport will show you how to effectively create a balanced model of training for your and your athlete's unique demands.