Gorilla Warfare


What does it take to be the greatest raw/single ply powerlifter of all-time?

Blaine Sumner knows what it takes because he has done just that. As IPF Raw World Champion and IPF World Record Holder for the Squat, Bench and Total, as well as owning the highest Wilks of all-time (691), Blaine's place at the top of powerlifting history is secured.

Blaine trains with an intensity and passion that is unmatched and in Gorilla Warfare he outlines the methods that have made him one of the most respected lifters in the World.

Blaine's style of training combines high frequency and high intensity with a rotation of primary movements to improve technical prowess and neural qualities needed for max lifts.

Blaine's journey of strength began as a 6-1 145# high school freshman and in the last 14 years of his training career he has grown to the 6-3 370# Vanilla Gorilla. Blaine has overcome setbacks, defeats and injuries to hone his training and succeed at the highest level in the strict judging/drug testing of the IPF.

Learn for yourself the philosophies of one of the greatest lifters of all-time.