Recovering From Training


This book is for athletes, coaches, recreational fitness hobbyists, and sport scientists alike. It leans heavily on peer-reviewed science and explains the physiology of fatigue and recovery in great intellectual depth. While based on scientific data, it is written to be easily digested by intelligent people not formally trained in sport science. Attention is also paid to outlining practical application that readers can easily incorporate into recovery strategies for themselves or their athletes.


What are the main benefits of reading this book?

Recovering From Training will allow the dedicated athlete and coach to plan out training, diet, and recovery strategies for optimal results from training. If you can recover better, you can train more, train harder, and make better gains over time. Peaking and tapering strategies are included so that competitive athletes can make sure to recover on time for competitions. Even if you're just interested in the theoretical underpinnings of recovery processes, this book is very unlikely to disappoint. Lastly, because peer-reviewed journal articles are referenced, you can use this book as a starting point to further your exploration of any of the recovery concepts discussed within.